Real talk. After consulting thousands of wellness entrepreneurs, network marketers & life coaches, I realized they all shared one struggle. There was one thing holding them back from going full time in their business.

they didn’t have a niche.

They had all the passion in the world, but their content was vanilla and trying to speak to everyone. They were hustling their butt off to stand out as a coach or a network marketer, but only their Grandma Louise was buying their shakes & shampoo.

The great news? Once we got massive claritytheir business exploded. They stopped riding the Expensive Hobby rollercoaster & started monetizing their passion.

And now, it’s my obsession to help you do the same.

don't just take my word for it...

don't just take
my word for it...


does this
sound like you, boo?

  • You're a coach who wants to sell out your programs without wasting hours on sales calls
    or waiting months to get your customer to buy. Crickets are for protein bars, Cheryl.
  • You're a Network Marketer who is sick of chasing customers & feeling like a total creep in the DM. You're selling the same product. I'll show you how to stand out.
  • You’re an e-commerce entrepreneur whose products are better than your marketing. Let's craft your story so customers are hungry to buy.
  • You’re Multi-Passionate Melissa & can't choose a niche. You're feeling super overwhelmed when it comes to nailing down exactly what you do. The question 'What do you do?' makes your armpits sweat.
  • Your content is a hot mess express & you don't know what the cheeseballs to say in your IG bio and social media posts. You're spinning your wheels trying to create content that stands out from all the noise. Your bio isn't a dating profile, Sharon.
  • You’re crazy multi-passionate so you change your niche every week & confuse the
    heck out of your customer ( & yourself!). It’s time to get off the Expensive Hobby rollercoaster, sis.
  • When peeps land on your IG or website, they’re clicking ‘back’ before they click follow or buy. AKA money is being left on the table instead of in your bank
    account. #NotCool.

nail your niche.
attract dream customers.
make more money.

nail your niche.
dream customers.
make more money.

My promise? Within 60 seconds of landing on your IG profile or website, people will know who you help, what problem you solve and most importantly... why they need to work with you.

"I now have a booked out business..."

"I now have a booked
out business..."


Imagine if your
dream customer…

  • Knew exactly what you did from 10 seconds of creeping on your IG bio or website. A confused customer walks away. Let's fix that.
  • Clicked that follow button, ninja fast! WAAACHAAA!
  • Commented & DM’d you 'I need to work with you!'
  • Joined your group coaching program or melted your Shopify server
  • Applied to be on your Network marketing team

Erica sold out her bootcamp!

Erica sold out
her bootcamp!


the niche masterclass
is perfect for:

the niche
is perfect

  • Health & Wellness Coaches
  • Business Coaches
  • Life Coaches
  • Beauty Coaches & Influencers
  • Bloggers
  • Relationship coaches
  • Network Marketers (Beachbody, Monat, Isagenix, etc)

Nosey? me too.
here's what's inside!

I teach you my exact step-by-step blueprint for nailing your niche & feeling massive clarity. Grab a pen & paper, because with over 10 hours of video trainings…you're about to enroll in marketing school! Don't worry. I'm a fun teacher :).


"why didn't I buy this sooner?"

"why didn't I
buy this sooner?"


why this is a
no brainer
(cue j biebs)


  • You immediately become a member for life. Once you’re in, you’re in, sis. Cue "forrrrevvvveeerrrrrr" from Sandlot.
  • You can be a mom of 7 kids with a busy schedule & still successfully finish this course. Go at your own pace & rewatch video trainings at anytime.
  • You immediately get access to any new trainings! I am constantly updating the course with exclusive marketing trainings every 6-8 weeks.
  • This course is valued at $10,000 of high level marketing coaching but, I kept it insanely affordable. #StealMyBrain. 
  • Let’s be honest, friend. It’s costing you WAY more than $500 to be spinning your wheels and not attracting customers. And if you take action, you will
    make your money back.