angie lee

angie lee

the big sister you've always wanted.

Meet Ang.

Meet Ang.


weird, vivacious & funny as hell, Angie is that friend you want in your corner when you're chasing a dream or you need a permission slip to start before you're ready.

A college + corporate dropout, Angie started her blog in her dorm room and her podcast in a closet. Now, millions of downloads later (+ building an 8 fig wellness brand from scratch) she’s here to talk about the realities of life as a thirty-something woman in today’s world.

the angie lee

forbes top podcast

Angie is the smart and funny best friend you turn to multiple times a week for the the hilarious sisterly advice you didn't know you needed.

From the BTS of building a brand to enemas, having epic female friendships & ADHD, Angie comes to the mic with her unfiltered opinion & screw-the-rules confidence.

This show is for the woman who doesn't play by the rules. She's multi-passionate. She's curious. She doesn't dim down her magic. She's unapologetically herself.

let's get weird, ang!

Ask Angie Hotline

Want your juicy Q answered on the pod!? Click the button below to submit your voice question! Wellness, business, butt sunning & relationships - nothing is off the table! 

Tony Robbins meets DayBreaker

Calling all ambitious women! Need a permission slip to BOLDY chase your dreams & make moolah up the hoohah? Angie is ready to sign, seal and deliver it to you with level 10 zest. Join Angie + 3,000 women for the #1 Female Marketing & Personal Dev Event. Grab your crocs and let's rock!

niche bootcamp

niche bootcamp

I get it. You have a big heart and a lot of passions. You want to do it all & help everyone & their Grandma Sue. 

But here's the deal. If you don't have focus in your business, you'll be spinning your wheels forever (cue Sandlot ). And I don't want that for you. I want you to take messy action & start making money.

Clarity is freedom. Niching is freedom. Decisiveness is freedom. Making money in your business is freedom. It's time to give yourself that freedom.

niche bootcamp

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