angie lee

angie lee

top podcaster.
vivacious speaker.
author & edutainer.

what if gary v & ellen had a baby?

what if gary v & ellen had a baby?

Meet Angie. Your silly, energizing & wicked smaht business bestie who's obsessed with marketing. You know that girlfriend you can always count on to make you laugh & motivate the heck out of you? That's Angie.

A college & corporate dropout, Angie turned a $100 podcast mic into a seven-figure empire. An expert at social media marketing, she now inspires women to turn their idea into action & their dreaming into doing.

Her superpower? Helping women make friends with fear & make money doing what they love.

What began as a little blog in her college dorm room blossomed into an international brand that helps thousands of ambitious women.

Countless videos, blogs and podcasts later, Angie is now a serial entrepreneur, edutainer, author, keynote speaker, creator and podcaster.

the angie lee

chart topping podcast for ambitious women

You know what's crazy? I started this show in my closet with a $100 mic. No fancy equipment. No fancy editor. Just passion as my fuel & Google as my business coach. Now, I’m teaching you everything I know (and everything I don’t!).

4 years later, I built a top podcast with millions of downloads. My obsession is helping women create a business & life they love, starting where they are... with what they have.

My show is a mix between a kick in the panties from your business hype girl + life hacks from your weird best friend.


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nail your niche masterclass

nail your niche masterclass

Being multi-passionate is cute...but it doesn't pay the bills.

If you're a coach or network marketer who wants to attract customers with ease, the Niche Course is for you.

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