angie lee

angie lee

podcaster. speaker.
hypewoman. comedian.
wellness hacker & your weirdest friend.

what's up, chicken butt?

what's up, chicken butt?

Hiya! I'm Ang.

Your bff that will make you pee your pants laughing + inspire you to freaking go for it. 

From my biz tricks to my favorite wellness finds, I’m here to help you live a super freaking FUN life.

I dropped out of college & started my first company at 19. The entrepreneur bug bit me (in the booty cheeks. hard) & I haven’t looked back. I don't have all the answers, but I believe that curiosity is your compass & play is productive. What began as little blog 11 years ago blossomed into a brand that inspires hundreds of thousands of multi-passionate women to be unapologetically themselves.

If you feel a dream stirring in your soul that you just can’t shake (& it's not a fart), welcome home. Grab a matcha & let's get weird.

the angie lee

forbes top podcast

Welcome to your weekly escape where you will laugh, learn & become the best dang version of yourself. From online marketing to being multi-passionate to stand up comedy to my top ADHD and wellness hacks...I’m spilling the beans. I cover everything from Cycle Syncing for productivity, to colonics, to non-toxic beauty to breathwork to making PLAY a priority. If it will make you happier & healthier, I cover it. If you're ready to own your weird, hack your health & start before you're ready, press play.

let's get weird, ang!

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Tony Robbins meets DayBreaker

Calling all ambitious women! Need a permission slip to BOLDY chase your dreams & make moolah up the hoohah? Angie is ready to sign, seal and deliver it to you with level 10 zest. Join Angie + 3,000 women for the #1 Female Marketing & Personal Dev Event. Grab your crocs and let's rock!

niche bootcamp

niche bootcamp

I get it. You have a big heart and a lot of passions. You want to do it all & help everyone & their Grandma Sue. 

But here's the deal. If you don't have focus in your business, you'll be spinning your wheels forever (cue Sandlot ). And I don't want that for you. I want you to take messy action & start making money.

Clarity is freedom. Niching is freedom. Decisiveness is freedom. Making money in your business is freedom. It's time to give yourself that freedom.

niche bootcamp

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