angie lee

angie lee

podcasting powerhouse.
firecracker speaker.
marketing wiz.
entrepreneur since diapers.
hypewoman & author.

Angie is your permission slip to START.

Angie is your permission slip to START.

Meet Angie.

Your hilarious & wicked smart bestie who's obsessed with helping you create a business you lovestart before you're ready. You know that friend with unshakable optimism that makes you laugh & motivates the heck out of you? That's Ang.

She's your hypewoman who doesn’t sugarcoat anything about forging the life - and business - of your dreams. 

Ready? It's a lie.

Messy? You betcha.

A college + corporate dropout, Angie started her business in a dorm room and her podcast in a closet. And now, an audience of 100K+ strong and 10 million podcast downloads later, she’s here to teach why messy beginnings (and the middle… one LOOONG messy middle)... is what’s required for success.

Angie is a cheerleader & permission slip for hundred of thousands of women to unapologetically chase after their big dreams.

the angie lee

Forbes top personal development podcast

Sick of boring business podcasts? Feel like you were made for more but you don't know where to start?

No glamour. No fluff. I share weekly inspiration to help you celebrate the suck, turn your idea into a business & take poop-your-pants-terrified ACTION.

I dropped out of college after 2 years & started my first company at 19. The entrepreneur bug bit me & I haven’t looked back since. I now share the journey (the wins AND the really embarrassing failures) with you.

I give you the tools you need to feel confident chasing really big dreams, writing the book you've always wanted or launching the product you know the world needs. So, press play, will ya? Let’s talk about optimizing your energy, making MOOLA doing what you love, crushing it on social media, and some poop jokes in between. 

Feeling ready is NOT a prerequisite.


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Tony Robbins meets DayBreaker

Calling all ambitious women! Need a permission slip to BOLDY chase your dreams & make moolah up the hoohah? Angie is ready to sign, seal and deliver it to you with level 10 zest. Join Angie + 3,000 women for the #1 Female Marketing & Personal Dev Event. Grab your crocs and let's rock!

niche bootcamp

niche bootcamp

Raise your hand if you sweat profusely when explaining your niche? Are you ready to figure out your profitable purpose? Are you confused who you're speaking to on social media? Well my friend, I'm about to rock your world & help you answer this question with confidence! Let's become a MAGNET for your customer!

niche bootcamp

1,000 True Fans On The Gram IG Marketing Replay

Want to know what content to create on Instagram to blow up your business? If "YES", you're in for a treat! FREE 1 HOUR INSTAGRAM TRAINING!


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